Livestock ventilation, climate and dust control

Regulate temperature, air flow and moisture for maximum comfort and productivity.

Keeping a continuous supply of fresh air circulating through your barn or enclosure is the best way to ensure the comfort and health of your cattle, pigs and poultry. You also need the ability to easily and continuously control the amount of air exchange that takes place during varying weather conditions. The temperature and humidity must remain at an optimal level for all your enclosed animals, year round.

At Martarp, we provide:

* Curtains Systems for Livestock Ventilation
* Tarp Doors for Climate and Dust Control

* Vinyl Strip Curtains for Dust Control

* Room Dividers for Dust and Temperature Control

Curtains Systems for Livestock Ventilation

Livestock ventilation curtain system with window

Ventilation is crucial for your livestock. Germs and flies reproduce in moist air and spread infection. Animals in a moist environment can’t release body heat in the summer, or retain it in the winter. Animals produce large amounts of harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, ammonium and methane. Dust from chaff puts a strain on the respiratory systems of livestock and humans alike. Venting the trapped air containing moisture, gases and dust prevents many of these problems from happening. We build and install ventilation systems that use premium quality 14×14 Polylite Titan weaved curtain that stays strong after more than a decade of use. This durable fabric is very flexible and has over 50+ lbs of tear strength in both directions. Its flat polyethylene threads are first folded in half before being woven into the best curtain material available on the market.

Tarp Doors for Climate and Dust Control

Tarp Doors for Climate and Dust Control

We at Martarp make tarp doors that are more economical than insulated overhead door systems. Commonly used in beef and dairy barns, sheds, manure storage areas and a host of other applications, they come in a heavy 18 oz material and are available in many different colours and textures. Pre galvanized metal channels are used at the sides to hold the curtain in place. Aluminum tubes every 34 inches help stabilize the door in high winds. Our tarp doors can be fastened at the top, or installed with both bottom and top openings to better manage ventilation and reduce draft on livestock.

They are available for openings up to 20’ wide without added wind pipe supports. Top opening doors can also be incorporated into your automatic ventilation control system. Available with a hand winch or drum drive and up-down switch, this door system can be installed up to any length with wind pipe supports. system.

  • Custom roll up tarp door
  • Tarp doors with windows

Vinyl strip curtains for climate and dust control

Vinyl Strip Curtains for Dust Control

Vinyl Strip Doors have excellent optical clarity, permitting good visibility through doorways. Great for dust control, noise reduction, as well as protection from heat, cold and humidity between heated workshop area and unheated warehouse.

* Order any length You want
* Comes in 200 Foot Rolls

Industrial room divider - vinyl curtain wall

Room Dividers for Dust
and Temperature Control

Various types of material:
Clear Tarp, Colored tarp, Sliding track
Easy to install, Easy to remove

Vinyl room dividers for dust and temperature control