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Martarp - Mesh Tarps and Waterproof Tarp Covers for Industrial and Commercial Solutions

Martarp provides excellence in Canadian craftsmanship in the production of tarps and mesh tarps for fleets and OEM manufacturers. We manufacture tarp doors and insulated curtains for agricultural and industrial applications, and we produce golf simulator screens, airport baggage carts, and waste containment bags for retailers and commercial suppliers.

Custom roll up tarp door
custom roll up tarp door
Roll up tarp door for outbuilding

Custom Tarp Doors for Every Opening

Martarp specializes in crafting custom tarp doors to meet your specific needs. Our tarp doors are designed to fit a wide range of door openings, whether indoors or outdoors. They are used in a wide range of applications, from beef and dairy barns to sheds and manure storage areas to farm shed and industrial storage areas.

Constructed from heavy 18 oz material, our tarp doors not only withstand the test of time but also offer customization with a variety of colors and textures to choose from. To ensure a secure fit, we use pre-galvanized metal channels on the sides and incorporate aluminum tubes at 34-inch intervals to enhance stability, particularly in windy conditions.

One notable feature of our tarp doors is their adaptability. You can choose to fasten them at the top or install them with both top and bottom openings, enabling better ventilation control and minimizing drafts for livestock. These doors can span openings of up to 25 feet wide without the need for additional wind pipe supports. For larger openings, we offer customizable solutions with wind pipe supports. We also provide replacement fabric door tarps for structures like coverall buildings, which we can ship directly to you for convenient self-installation.

Installation and measurement instructions for tarp doors

Custom Industrial Divider Curtains for Your Unique Applications

Explore Martarp’s top-quality industrial divider curtains for versatile applications. Our custom and production tarp manufacturing business in Ontario, Canada, specializes in crafting heavy-duty solutions, including industrial curtain walls, welding curtains, PVC strip curtains, warehouse curtain dividers, wash, paint, and prep curtains, outdoor enclosures, and more. These durable, cost-effective curtains are designed to meet your specific needs, offering unmatched flexibility and protection while preserving your budget.

Industrial Curtain Walls

  • Smooth open and close retractable barrier
  • Economical alternative to permanent wall
  • Various material options

Welding Curtains

  • Build a wall or a 4 sided booth
  • Side to side curtain option

PVC Strip Curtains

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Suitable for large enclosures and openings
  • Welding kits include tinted PVC strips

Warehouse Curtain Dividers

  • Industrial-grade vinyl sheets
  • Effective for dust and odor controlI
  • Section off large warehouse areas for energy conservation or food storage
  • Climate separation from the loading dock to the warehouse floor

Wash, Paint, and Prep Curtains

  • For body shop and automotive industry for power washing equipment, vehicles, and products
  • Paint booth curtains to contain paint overspray and dust
  • Prep station curtains for new prep stations and replacements on existing ones

Industrial Wash Bay Curtains / Wash stall curtains

  • Power washing station to clean equipment, vehicles, and products
  • Chemical splash curtains for protection against corrosive chemicals and acids
  • Designed to withstand harsh washdowns
  • Decontamination curtains for hazardous materials

Outdoor Industrial Curtains – Residential & Commercial

  • Vinyl patio and porch enclosures for porches, gazebos, patios, decks, and bars
  • 3 season indoor comfort
    Roll-up curtains for restaurants, cafes and bars

Industrial Outdoor Curtains

  • Large scale, cost-effective alternative to rigid walls
  • Windproof curtains with anchors for added reinforcement
  • Pull-up curtains – keep the wind and rain out, let warm air in

Industrial Solutions

  • Outdoor industrial curtains made from industrial-grade vinyl PVC
  • Exceptional flexibility and strength to maintain comfortable work environment
  • Can be pulled back and stored when not in use. Choose from the standard outdoor curtains or the super duty anchor strap version, or explore the unmatched flexibility of our roll-up dock door curtains, ideal for covering any opening and preventing temperature loss.

If you can sketch it, we can create a custom outdoor curtain tailored just for you. 

curtain rollers
Mesh tarp fastener

Mesh Tarps for Tri Axle Trucks and Landscape Trailers

At Martarp, we make mesh tarps tailored specifically for tri axle trucks and landscape trailers. These tarps are the ideal choice for a diverse range of clients, including small trailer manufacturers, truck manufacturers, trucking companies, municipal fleets, and businesses with vehicle fleets.

Our meticulous Canadian craftsmanship sets us apart from imported alternatives that are often flimsy and poorly constructed, prone to tearing under challenging conditions. We understand the demands of the harsh Ontario winter climate, and that’s why our mesh tarps are built with durability in mind. Each tarp is reinforced with seatbelt material on three sides and a reinforced pocket, ensuring longevity and resilience. Parallel strips of tarp material running down the middle further enhance the strength of the tarp, and reinforced corner pockets provide additional reinforcement. 

Production and OEM Manufacturing

Martarp specializes in manufacturing custom tarps for OEM manufacturers and subcontractors, offering bulk pricing for volume orders. Our waterproof and mesh tarps cater to truck and trailer manufacturers, trucking companies, trailer rental businesses, and municipalities, providing durability and reliability in all weather conditions.

Elevate Your Golf Game with Martarp's Custom Simulator Screens

Elevate Your Golf Game

At Martarp, we offer a range of golf simulator screens designed to withstand the rigors of practice. Unlike low-quality alternatives that wear out quickly or high-end options with steep price tags, our screens provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

HD Golf Mesh (3-Ply)

Our 3-Ply HD Golf Screen boasts top-notch image quality without the need for a light-blocking background. Padded with a foam interior layer for noise reduction and rapid ball recovery, this screen ensures an immersive play experience. Its three-layered fabric construction excels in absorbing ball impacts, making it our most durable option.

HD Golf Mesh

For exceptional durability and impressive image quality, our single-ply HD Golf Mesh is an excellent choice. While it delivers excellent picture quality on its own, adding a black background enhances the viewing experience further.

Golf Mesh

Our standard Golf Mesh shares the same polyester yarn as our HD Golf Material but with a slightly looser weave. This results in good image quality, though not as crisp as the HD Golf Mesh. Improving picture quality is as easy as adding a dark material, such as felt, behind the screen.

Order Your Custom Screen

Ready to enhance your golf simulator experience? Use our golf screen contact form to specify your dimensions, pocket sizes, and grommet configuration, and we’ll deliver a tailored solution for your needs. At Martarp, we’re here to help you perfect your swing with quality and affordability in mind.
Golf Screen folded
golf screen folded showing grommets
Industrial Sewing Machine
tarp fabric sample

Industrial Sewing Solutions for Custom Sewn Products

At Martarp, we are your one-stop destination for all your industrial sewing needs. With a comprehensive lineup of single and double needle sewing machines, grommet machines, and fabric cutting machines, we have the tools available to bring your custom sewing projects to life.

Our long arm machines are a game-changer, significantly reducing production time and enhancing the quality of bulky components. Furthermore, we have the capability to customize machines with extra-wide needle spacings, which not only streamlines sewing processes but also elevates the overall product quality.

In addition to our cutting-edge machinery, we go the extra mile by creating custom jigs, fabric welders, and mesh welders. These specialized tools not only boost efficiency but also ensure the highest level of quality in every project we undertake.

Our extensive portfolio of custom sewing projects speaks to our versatility and expertise. From crafting dock seals for warehousing solutions to manufacturing hose packs for wildfire fighting and safety barriers for forklifts, our commitment to delivering excellence shines through in every canvas product we create. At Martarp, we’re dedicated to providing industrial sewing solutions that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Martarp: Supporting Sutera's In-ground Waste Containment System

Martarp stands as the trusted industrial supplier for emerging businesses like Sutera In-ground, providing a critical component of their innovative waste containment system. Our reusable PVC canvas bag liners are tailor-made to support Sutera’s in-ground waste containment solution. In-ground containment, a method of temporary waste storage below the earth’s surface, utilizes a monolithic pre-cast concrete well lined with our heavy-duty reusable containment bags. These bags serve as the primary repository for non-hazardous waste, facilitating efficient vertical lift collection.

Our liners are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring safety, security, and fire resistance. Martarp takes pride in its role as an industrial supplier, helping forward-thinking businesses like Sutera In-ground achieve their goals with dependable and eco-friendly solutions.

Sutera Containment bag
airport baggage cart

Curtains for Closed Airport Baggage Carts

In the dynamic world of airport logistics, reliability is the linchpin of success. We’re proud to be a part of this intricate web, contributing to the seamless operation of airport baggage carts that carry passengers’ belongings across terminals. Our curtains play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency of these carts, and they’re trusted by industry leaders like Wilcox GSE, known for their top-quality steel baggage carts.

Our curtains are engineered with precision, embodying the robustness demanded by the aviation industry. These curtains are not just curtains; they are essential components designed to endure the challenging airport environment. When rain pours down, our curtains ensure that passengers’ luggage remains dry and protected, just as it should be.

Custom Round Tarps for Baseball Diamond Protection

We are able to manufacture custom tarps, and our expertise extends to crafting round tarps tailored for various applications, including covering the home plate and pitcher’s mound on baseball diamonds. For this specific purpose, we offer the option to integrate a 3/16″ chrome plated chain into the tarp’s perimeter, adding the necessary weight to prevent it from blowing up in heavy winds. Our commitment to efficiency and bulk pricing means we can efficiently fulfill volume orders of these specialized tarps in your choice of 11 different colors. Whether you need a single tarp or a large volume order, Martarp has you covered with high-quality, custom-designed round tarps to protect baseball diamonds and more.

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