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At Grey 9 Tarps, we offer a complete range of highway trailer cover systems for your rig. Pick the one that’s just right for what you need, and we can build and install it for you. We offer these industry-standard cover kit systems:

Elcargo® cover kit system
Shur Lok® Self locking Side roll / Return lock
Ratchet strap / Side roll tarp system
Cramaro front to back cable system

Elcargo® cover kit system

The easiest to roll tarp system on the market

  • Twin gearbox mechanism

  • Rear bungee return

  • Easily convertible from other systems

  • Large centre roll pipe with less hoops

Elcargo® mechanical tarp systems by E-Cargo are well known for their water tightness, the toughness of their anchoring hooks and for being so easy and quick to operate. They operate entirely from the ground, and are very efficient and easy to operate. Because these systems are so versatile and suitable for any type of bulk transportation, Elcargo has actually became the most popular big highway cover system, with no equivalent on the market. Best of all, it is easy to convert your rig from traditional side roll systems.

  • Elcargo cover kit hardware detail - Front top gearbox with return system
  • Elcargo cover kit hardware detail - Bottom moving gearbox
  • Front top gearbox with return system

  • Bottom moving gearbox
  • Elcargo cover kit hardware detail - Rear bungee return system
  • Elcargo cover kit hardware detail - Stationary crank for rolling tarp
  • Rear bungee return system
  • Stationary crank for rolling tarp

Elcargo’s direct command manual tarp system is operated at the ground level by a crank handle coupled with a universal joint at the winding tube, and is intended for small to medium size tarps. The locking brake 90 degree gear box tarp system is also used from the ground, but at the rear, and is recommended for medium to large size tarps. It’s 2:1 gear ratio makes this motion almost effortless. In all systems, tensioning springs are installed in the winding tube for ease of use. All systems include aluminum winding, centre and anchoring tubes, and internal front tensionners for stable rolling up. They can be fitted to most open roof straight body trucks, providing completely waterproof cargo protection.

Shur Lok® Self locking Side roll / Return lock

The preferred tarp system for most agricultural applications

  • Self locking aluminum roll pipes

  • Quick & easy - no strap hassle

  • Bungee return system

  • Removable hoops

Shur-Co® is the preferred tarp systems provider for most agricultural applications . The Shur-Lok® system accommodates grain trailers, farm trucks, silage boxes, fertilizer tenders and spreaders, grain carts and gravity wagons, B-trains and various construction applications. Galvanized steel end caps come standard, both low-rise and high-rise styles, but an upgrade to aluminum easy-off caps offers easier installation and removal. These anchor with over-center clamps inside the truck box. Standard aluminum caps are also available.

The standard crank arm mounts vertically across the back of the box and gives four-position length adjustment. The U-joint has a 21-tooth splined key to adjust the tarp tension every 17 degrees. Upgrading to the Shur-Flex™ crank provides the flexibility to accommodate cargo doors or grain gates. It folds at the knuckle and secures to the side of the box with offset retainers. The standard stretch cord return guides the roll tube over the end cap, with a protective cover to reduce rope fraying. An upgrade to the patented Shur-Return™ features a heavy-duty steel tension spring. 1/4-inch non-stretch solid braid rope and lifetime warranty.

Key Features of this system include an aluminum latchplate, which is a lighter weight version of the galvanized latchplate, for a more professional appearance. The roll pipes are built from ¼’’heavy wall 2” aluminum. Easy-off tarp stops permit fast, easy tarp removal with minimal tools. The system is self cleaning, preventing grain buildup. Galvanized Bows and brackets allow the bow flex to allow for box expansion. Aluminum end caps provide a more attractive match for aluminum trailers. 1” ridge straps with ratchets and stretch-resistant webbing prevents tarp sag between bows. Stretch cord returns help guide the front of the roll tube across the end cap, and a protective cover reduces fraying. A standard crank arm with an 80 inch extension provides four-position length adjustments, and the crank mounts horizontally or vertically. A pinless crank retainer with a 7 inch standoff secures the crank arm to the trailer without pins or cables, making it safe and easy to use. 18 or 20 ounce vinyl tarp material with heat welded seams provide an added moisture barrier. Built in UV inhibitors resist colour fading.

Ratchet strap / Side roll tarp system

  • Most economical tarp kit

  • Removable crank

  • Aluminum roll pipes

  • Removble hoops

Our most economical tarp kit, the Ratchet strap / Side roll system is made with the same specifications as the return lock systems. The only difference is that the roll pipe is held down by ratchet straps on the side of the truck or trailer. This system is very common for walking floor trailers and gravel trailers, using a 18oz or 22oz tarp with reinforced wear spots where the fabric meets the hoops. We use ¼’’heavy wall 2” aluminum roll pipe, which is light and very durable. The system features removable crank and hoops. 18 ounce industry standard tarp material is available in any colour, reinforced at the wear spots, and 22 ounce material is available as well.

Cramaro front to back cable system

  • System of choice for gravel and aggregate

  • Pulls tarp with hoops to the front of trailer

  • Mesh, semi waterproof or waterproof

  • Manual or electric

The front to back Slide N Go Cramaro cable System is the original sliding tarp system. Cable systems provide the benefit of having a tarp system with bows but not having to manually remove the bows for loading or unloading. As the system operates the bows automatically move forward and backward in pockets sewn into the tarp. It provides all the support of a bowed tarp system, but the bows all move automatically out of the way with the tarp when covering or uncovering. Different models are available for a wide variety of applications: anti-pollution (mesh), semi-waterproof and full waterproof. Cramaro Slide N Go can be installed on any length of body or trailer. It also works on dump bodies, end dumps, belly dumps, roll offs and hoppers.

  • Cramaro Front to Back Tarp System
  • Cramaro Front to Back Tarp System
  • Cramaro Slide N Go front to back cable system
  • Cramaro Slide N Go front to back cable system

The Cramaro Slide N Go front to back cable system is built with heavy duty components to withstand years of continuous use. The flexibility of the durable cable prevents damage by the loader, by getting the tarp completely clear every time. The tarp extends and retracts in seconds, saving time and money every time the load is covered or uncovered. The system operates using either a manual ground control crank or an optional electric motor. There is no need to change the bow ends from the cable, nor to remove the ends from the cable, nor to change the cable in order to replace the bows or change the tarp. Bows are available in flat, 6”, 12” and 18” arches as well, in 5 different lengths. Industry standard 18 ounce tarp material – reinforced at the wear spots – is available in any colour, and is also available in 22 ounce gauge.